The Problem with Communication is the Illusion that it has occurred

Actuarial work is complicated and difficult to understand and so it is hard for non-actuaries to understand our work. The problem is often exacerbated by actuaries having spent 10,000 or more hours studying technical matters but probably less than 1,000 hours developing communication skills. As actuaries advance in their careers, effective communication becomes more important than analytical work (which can be delegated to capable staff). Also, as actuaries we likely have even less experience in dealing with confrontation which can be critical when communicating bad news. The presenters are writing a paper on this subject.

  • Date:Tuesday, September 14
  • Time:2:15 PM - 3:30 PM EDT
  • Session Type:Concurrent Session
  • Session Code:PD-2
  • Learning Objective 1:This session will provide a number of suggestions to help you and your staff become better communicators.
  • Learning Objective 2:Effectively communicate while presenting to Boards and shareholders.
  • Learning Objective 3:Deliver bad news effectively and sensitively in a difficult communication situation.
  • Level of Knowledge:Level 1: No prior knowledge of the subject
  • Moderator:Matthew Killough
Brian Brown, FCAS
Bradley Kiscaden, FCAS
Markel Corporation
Katherine Antonello, FCAS
Employers Holdings, Inc
Steve Wilson
Katherine Pipkorn