Modeling the COVID-19 Pandemic: US Perspectives

In this session, Wen Liew, a reserving actuary with UnitedHealthcare, will give a brief presentation demonstrating some publicly available data sources that he has used to help his company anticipate the impact of the pandemic on utilization.

The session is intended to provide an opportunity for follow-up discussion of the General Session by Deirdre Hollingsworth but from a US perspective. Wen has some great anecdotes on where he got things right, as well as the places he got it wrong, over the past year and is happy to share them. But we want to hear from the audience – how are property/casualty actuaries measuring the impact to their businesses? What data sources have you used? Where have you gotten it wrong, and how have analyses improved over the past year? How are you expecting COVID to play out over the next year?

Please come prepared to speak to your experiences, ask questions, and contribute to a lively discussion.

  • Date:Tuesday, September 14
  • Time:5:35 PM - 6:25 PM EDT
  • Session Type:Concurrent Lite
  • Session Code:CL-6
  • Level of Knowledge:Level 1: No prior knowledge of the subject
  • Moderator:John Wade
Wen Liew
United Healthcare